So it's been four months since I started working in a school in Calabar that has forty years of existence. A really old school whose facilities need maintenance. Chairs damaged, laboratory decay and everything in there looks so old. Then I wondered, what am I doing here? And I realized that I needed experience. I wanted to leave home so long as it is for learning. I learned. I saw how mismanagement can cause serious damage to a school. I saw how not treating teachers well or paying them on time could be a danger to school business. Especially changing teachers every time in school or teachers leaving a school due to ill treatment.  By loving yourself, you love others. When you love yourself, it becomes so easy to love others. It becomes easy to love your staff and pay them on time. It becomes so easy to treat people well. Elizabeth Diaries ❤️


Everything can make a story. It surely can. But it is surprising how we write others and not ourselves. We tell stories of legends, celebrity, politicians but not ours. We see our lives boring to be in blogs or make a news. People hardly talk about their homes, their pains and how living a day on earth feels like. We are very much interested in the stories of others. Writing about my life is nothing boring to me. In fact, I had many encounters where people asked me why I put so much of my personal life in people's eyes. And what is so important or special about my life to be told. I may be special, I may not be special but people can't just wake up one day and start writing about their lives. They definitely have a purpose for doing that. Maybe it could be for healing, fame, have a voice or just to express themselves and their beings. Personally, I took the path of writing my life as healing. Being vulnerable and expressing my deep pains heals me. Having someone or anything lis

Everyday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for 1. Good health 2. Peace 3. Happiness 4. Sound mind Elizabeth Diaries ❤️


Yesterday I felt so good cleaning my dogs' apartment. Dogs are lovely pet to live with. So I enjoy nature so much. I enjoy the cool breeze of the morning. I feel it on my body, face and anywhere exposed to it. Morning air and the sun feel so refreshing. Waking up in the morning and having a slow and conscious walk without rushing out for anything helps me release toxic energies. It gives me a good day. Nature is life and as humans we have really ignored it.  Staying outside and just observing everything is healing. Relaxing to nature, observing rest and slow living without rushing to go to school, get a career, be a good employee is so peaceful. It's satisfying living in the present. It's satisfying staying and feeling so much joy, happiness with nature. It's satisfying observing your environment and staying still with love. Elizabeth Diaries ❤️

Everyday Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the following; 1. I am grateful for life. 2. I am grateful I have a roof on my head. 3. I am grateful I have a job. 4. I am grateful I am healing my pains. 5. I am grateful for my parents who gave me a good education. 6. I am grateful I discovered some healthy spiritual practices. 7. I am grateful nothing disturbs my sleep. 8. I am grateful I have a hobby. 9. I am grateful I can read and write. 10. I am grateful I have a savings account. 11. I am grateful I have money and I save 5% of my salary for rainy days. 12. I am grateful I created a space on the internet for myself. 13. I am grateful I discovered blogging and my life has never been the same again. 14. I am grateful for contentment and happiness. 15. I am grateful I can buy what I want now. 16. I am grateful I am slow living and leaving all the rushes, worries and anxiety of life behind. 17. I am grateful I have peace. Elizabeth Diaries ❤️


Have your me time where you rest and take care of yourself. Have time for a hobby or hobbies. Put your energy and passion into something. Something you truly love. Something that has nothing to do with your 9-5 job, work or business. Have time for doing house chores; cleaning, washing, sweeping and the rest. Make time to read. Pick up some good books, self-help books and read. Get aware and informed. Meditate and undergo healthy routine or spiritual practices. Avoid certain lifestyle you know leads to destruction. Stop abuse and respect humans at home and in public. Even if they have nothing to offer you. Have a break. Sleep and rest. Eat good food too. Everything will make so much sense when you start making time for yourself. When you become conscious of your environment, your health and everything around you. You feel so much peace when you let go off noise and toxicity. You feel so much calmness in you when you do the right things and stay with the right people. Stay humb